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So, how can you get these Ukrainian PDF workbooks?

  • Just click on the images to download the PDFs.
  • Print them out.
  • Practice writing in them.
  • And master Ukrainian fast.

1. Ukrainian Sentence Patterns Workbook

Want to make your own Ukrainian sentences?

Want to master basic Ukrainian grammar… not by studying rules… but by practicing?

You’ll want this Ukrainian grammar PDF workbook. Here, you don’t memorize rules. You see multiple examples of patterns and have to write them out. This helps you get used to the Ukrainian grammar naturally… without the painful study. So, just practice writing out the example sentences.

  •  Click the image below to access and download.

Ukrainian workbooks pdf sentences

2. 30+ Ukrainian Love Phrases

How do you say I love you in Ukrainian?

Or… I like you? Will you go out with me?

You’ll pick up this romantic Ukrainian phrase and much more.

Since most people love learning highly emotional phrases, I am sure you will too. Especially if you want to be romantic in Ukrainian, or find a Ukrainian girlfriend or boyfriend.  Just print it out and practice writing out the words and phrases on the provided lines inside. That’s it. Learning Ukrainian love phrases is that simple.

  •  Click the image below to access and download.

Ukrainian worksheets pdf

3. 30+ Ukrainian Greetings Workbook

The first thing anyone should learn is to say hello in Ukrainian.

And bye. And hey. And see you.

The list goes on.

Which is where this Ukrainian workbook PDF comes in. This workbook covers both greetings and parting greetings across many formalities – from casual to formal. So you can greet anyone, on any occasion and do it with confidence.

All you have to do is fill out this Ukrainian workbook and you’re ready to go.

  •  Click the image below to access and download.

Ukrainian workbooks pdf greetings

4. 40+ Ukrainian Questions PDF Workbook

Learning words is cool and all…

But speaking real Ukrainian also involves asking questions.

Questions create discussions and conversations. They make you sound fluent. They make others happy because we all like to answer questions and talk about ourselves.

So, that’s why this PDF workbook teaches you the must-know 50 Ukrainian questions like “what’s your name,” “how old are you,” “where are  you from” and all the others that a Ukrainian learner should know.

Go ahead, print it out and practice writing out the Ukrainian questions, will you?

  • Click the image below to access and download.

5. 50+ Ukrainian Phrases Workbook

This next Ukrainian workbook contains 50 Ukrainian conversational phrases.

Basically enough to hold basic interactions in Ukrainian.

The bonus of learning phrases over just words is that you get the ready-made thing. The correct way to say something all put together. Rather than learning one word at a  time and wondering what’s the correct way to say things.

So, if you want to add 50 Ukrainian phrases to your brain, download this Ukrainian worksheet PDF, print it, and practice the Ukrainian phrases.

  • Click the image below to access and download.

Ukrainian workbooks pdf phrases

6. Ukrainian Numbers Workbook

How well do you know your numbers?

This PDF workbook guides y0u from 0 up to 100. Just practice writing out the numbers on the provided lines inside.

ukrainian numbers pdf

7. 50+ Ukrainian Core Words

Core words are the most common words of a language.

If you start learning a language, then you’ll want to learn these words first. Which is where this Core Words PDF workbook comes in,

ukrainian core words pdf

How to Learn Ukrainian Fast with Workbooks

Look, the whole thing about learning Ukrainian is this…

You get better at things by doing things.

Yes. Less so “reading about things” and more so “doing things.”

Because once you do them once or twice, you get used to them… and you learn.

So, that’s where these Ukrainian Workbook PDFs come in. They help you practice Ukrainian instead of just reading about Ukrainian. You get to practice the words, phrases, questions, and grammar rules that you will need when you’re speaking Ukrainian.

Just think. If you write out “hello” a few times in Ukrainian, you’ll 100% remember it, right?

So, that’s exactly how these workbooks work.

1. Print out the workbooks.

2. Write out the phrases in the provided lines.

3. That’s it.

But for extra practice…

4. Write out the phrases multiple times. There is space.

5. Print out several copies of the workbook for extra practice.

Do that and you will surely master these Ukrainian phrases fast.

More importantly, you will be able to speak, read, write, and understand Ukrainian much better than reading about Ukrainian.


I hope you enjoy this collection of Ukrainian worksheets and workbooks.

If you went through them, please let me know which ones are your favorite.

Also, let me know you want a part 2 of any of them.

Or, let me know if you want a workbook for another topic.

Leave me a comment down below.

– PDF Jeff

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